Mind Set & Body Game

So, a little back story on how I got inspired to make this post. I got sick in the end of May for like a week. Then I got lazy. Then I ate whatever I wanted (and some). Ha. I didn’t exercise for a good month. I felt horrible and guilty (which is normal but not advisable to feel like that) because I knew I was backtracking and my clothes could tell the difference. I got back in the game for a bit but then my family sold the house and I got drowned in packing and moving for a about two months. The hiatus repeated again.

Basically, life happens. Your health and fitness gets neglected from time to time. This happens all the time and it’s totally fine! But it’s important to not put too much pressure and worry. You don’t want to be putting too much stress on yourself because it’s not healthy for your spirit and body.

I want to remind you guys one more time that our health and fitness journey isn’t going to always be a straight line. When you find yourself stumbling and falling off, it’s totally okay! Take a break if you’re bored. Go on a hiatus. Travel. Eat! Sometimes we do need some time off to get inspired again. Just remember to come back and go at it again.

I personally have two ways to get back into the groove.

Mind Set
This is what I use when my body is just not feeling it or when I “feel” like I’m not in the mood. I would encourage myself by looking at fitness inspirations on Instagram and set my mind on the right path. I would remind myself of my goals and set my mind straight again.

Body Game
This is what I also call “zombie mode”. Haha. It’s when my mind is just nowhere to be found but my body goes on auto just to get my ass to the gym. I would also put on workout clothes to jump start the process even though I’m not thinking of working out. I can’t really back out when I’m already in my workout clothes. It’s a must to get them soaked in sweat otherwise it would be a total waste putting them on.

They both work for me and neither is easier or harder than one another. I think both techniques work depending on the day.

I hope these tricks will help you get back on track when and if you stumble. I know how hard it is to start again but you can totally do it!


Written by Chydie
Photos by Mr. Tono Ichigeki