5 Steps to Maintain Healthy Skin

I’d like to start out by saying that I am not an expert at this, these steps are found through my personal experience of trial and error. I encourage you to use this a starting point and figure out what suits your skin and lifestyle most.

Today, I’m at a place where I have my acne problems under control. But boooy, it took years to get here.

Right when I hit puberty at 13, I developed acne problems and it was quite bad! For years, it took a toll on my self-esteem — it was just endless cycles of trying to cover up my acne with make up and in turn making it worse. I just didn’t know what to do! The thought of walking outside of the house with no make up was so daunting. I even worked out with full make up on. And some of you might go BUT WHY!

The answer’s pretty straight forward: You wouldn’t understand how it feels like disliking what you saw in the mirror everyday if you didn’t go through a bad acne problem. And if you did.. You’d know how it feels like and wouldn’t have asked the question, hehe.

As you can see from the picture above, last year in September, I still had the acne problem. I have quite the sensitive skin. When I sweat I tent to break out as well.

So if you’re on the same boat, this one’s for you friend!

5 steps that I took to get a happy skin and happy me (you can to!)

1) Go to a dermatologist
Some people use aestheticians and that’s cool too but personally I trust dermatologists more. I mean if you think of it, they actually went through years of school for this degree so they must know something, and dare I say more than aestheticians.

Note that products sold by dermatologists aren’t always easy on the skin nor will all suit you, that’s okay. Finding a dermatologist is like finding the right boyfriend, it all looks good when they sweet talk you during an appointment but what actually matters is when you test drive the products at home. If it doesn’t suit you, don’t worry— there are plenty more dermatologists to see. If it works, by all means I beg you, stick to it.

Don’t just go to them when your skin’s bad. Try to come in for regular appointments for facials, peels, etc. the maintaining is the hardest part but it makes all the difference — again like having a boyfriend. ha.

Dermatologists can treat any of your skin problems, so if you have acne problems— face, back, or other parts of the body, they’ll know what to do. Yes it isn’t cheap but think of it as an investment.

This is the dermatologist I see:
Dr. Aryani Sudharmono, SpKK(K), FINS-DV, FAADV
Senopati Skin Center
Jl. Senopati No. 44, Kebayoran Baru, RT.1/RW.2
Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

You can make an appointment by calling +62 21 72786353. They have many doctors there, so you can choose who suits you best.

2) Drink lots of water and eat right
I feel like this is pretty self explanatory and simple yet a lot of us, myself included, still forget to drink enough water per day. I don’t really give myself an amount, I just consciously try to keep a water bottle in hand, make a habit to refill it at least 4 times a day. It really helps clear your skin, not only from acne but from my personal experience, helps with discolorations.

Food — eat lots of veggies!!! That’s all I can say. I haven’t really experimented with the effects of certain food on my skin but so far what has shown me a tremendous difference is by eating lots of vegetables. Vegetables are my friends and I luv them.

3) Exercise with no make up

Sometimes I go straight from my day job, to teach at Ride so I don’t have the time to remove all my make up and wash my face before class. If I don’t wash my face before, I’ll make sure I wash it right after class.

And look.. I understand the need to feel cute. During teaching events, I’ll put a little bit make up on because at the end of the day the instructors at Ride are, in my opinion, part performers so I treat it like a show. And, oookay…because sometimes they’re taped and LOTS of photographs are taken haha. Like if a girl wants to look cute — let her. hehe.

When I train for myself though, I make sure I strip my make up off before. Your pores open up as you sweat and so whatever you have on that face, will affect your skin. You’ll look cute working out with make up on for an hour but you’ll have acne for a month. You gotta pick your battles.

Ps. Ladies and Gents, you look hot when you’re working out! That’s good enough.

4) Substitute your foundation for a tint
Okay, my girls and boys who use foundation, you’re gonna eye roll so hard. But wearing less make up on the daily lets your skin breathe.. If you want a permanent happy skin, take permanent steps towards it.

I’m not saying ditch your foundation entirely but maybe save it for fancier occasions.

The tint I use:
Velvet Matte Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 30. (My color: Cuzco)

5) Stop stressing about it
I completely understand how it feels. To look at yourself barefaced and just concentrating on the red dots, big and small, and just completely be consumed by it. Remember that your acnes isn’t you, that your worth is in what you read, what you say and what you do— not how you look. Lots of people go through it too, you know.

I suffer also from stress acne, as in when I’m stressed about anything I break out immediately. So I make a conscious effort to just think of other things, take time for myself and chill.

I usually run a warm bath, put either this mask or this mask on and listen to good music.

Here’s the truest form my me. This is an unfiltered photo of myself, make up free, filter free.

By all means, my skin isn’t perfect but what’s most important to me is that I’m happy in the skin I am in. Last year I would have never walked out of the house without make up or even thought of uploading a picture of me with no make up.. But I’ve learned to work with what I’ve got and take extra steps to show it love and in return my acne problems have minimized.

What do you do to take care of your skin? What are the problems you’re facing?
Would love to hear back from you. xx

Written by Clarine
Photos by Clarine
Nars product photo by Nars