Who Does Not Love Eggs and Pancake for Brunch? Healthy Pancake Recipe!

It’s been such a long long time since I last cooked..
Yes I love cooking, especially baking.

I started learning how to cook back when I was trying to lose weight. It is SO difficult to eat right if you don’t cook by yourself. What I love making and eating most? Breakfast. ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

I’ve been craving for pancakes since last weekend so I decided to make a no flour pancake with only a few ingredients!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Banana
– Egg whites
– Oatmeal
– Stevia / Splenda
– Salt
– Dark chocolate chips
– Water
– baking powder

For the chocolate sauce you will need
– Cocoa Powder
– 1tsp Coconut oil
– Hot water
– Stevia / Splenda

1.) Blend everything together, egg whites, banana, oatmeal, stevia,water, and baking powder

2.) Add the dark chocolate chips

3.) Mix it all up!!

4.) Heat up the pan, add butter and pour the batter up, flip it, and that is it!

Note: It takes longer to cook these pancakes because it doesn’t contain flour, so be patient. It’s heatin up!

Now for the chocolate sauce

1.) Mix cocoa powder and stevia

2.) Add 1 tsp or tbsp of coconut oil, mix it up

3.) Add a little bit of hot water (depending on the consistency that you prefer)

That is basically it!! isn’t it easy? it is totally healthy, high in nutrient, and if you’re and egg lover like me, mqke 5 egg whites scrambled egg with 1 egg yolk. Yum!!

Try it, and hopefully we won’t crave for the real thing anymore :p

Written by Farah
Photos by Farah