Health Tip: Clean Up Your Instagram Feed

What you see, feeds your soul.

It’s safe to say that all of us Litness First girls are all going through some major changes in our lives. So we all have been super busy with our own things. So to piggy back on that note.. I want to share a little bit about what’s going on in my life!

Lately, due to workload I haven’t been able to work out as much for myself, I haven’t been able to eat as healthy as I should and feel like I’m spiraling out of control from my somewhat-healthier-life. Usually when I fall off the wagon, I don’t go too crazy about it. But this time around I noticed that It stressed me out way more than it should have.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized a lot of that self doubt had a lot to do with Instagram. So I decided to “clean up” my Instagram feed, because a lot what I saw did not serve me well anymore. I used to follow a lot of fitness models or just models in general, who workout for a living. And NOT to diss them in any way, they are beautiful! But let’s be real, our lifestyle is different. There is no way I have time to meditate in the morning, do a 10 AM workout, cook my own healthy lunch and workout again some time in the afternoon. That’s just …not happening with my 9 to 5 job, Ride and other things I’m trying to chase.

Instead of beating myself down every time I scroll my Instagram with pictures of models who are genetically blessed and are able to invest time to really take care of themselves all day round, I have focused my attention to the women who I have looked up to for a while; they’re all drop dead gorgeous too of course, but I look up to them for so much more than what’s on the surface.

These are modern day busy AF women. Some I know in real life and know for a fact that they are a source of inspiration to many round them. And some, I only know from Instagram.

These are the women I look up to, the women whose profiles inspire me when I feel down.

Hannah Fallis Bronfman

Hannah Fallis Bronfman is a DJ and entrepreneur from Manhattan. She also co-founded Beautified, a mobile app for beauty services. There’s not much I personally know about Hannah’s work, but I do know she is one hell of a busy woman. What inspires me most about her is her body positivity posts and her dedication to slip in a work out no matter how busy her life gets! Oh, and also her marriage to Brendan Fallis. Couple goals much?

Chrissy Teigen

Some of us may know Chrissy as John Legend’s wife. She is a model, host, published her own cookbook and all around funny girl. I’ve read interviews she’s done with magazines and it all never fails to crack me up. I admire her love for her family and her unapologetic attitude.

Steph Claire Smith

She is one haaawt mamacita. Steph is an Australian model who has opened up about her experience in the modeling world. Early in her career she was asked to lose weight and said no. And that, is something I admire. She stuck to her guts and is now more successful than ever. Currently she is a brand ambassador for Adidas and Clinique. I’ve only followed her recently but she is #INSPO.


No she did not pay me to post this LOL. If you live in Jakarta, you’ve seen this woman’s face on magazines or newspaper, your Instagram homepage or at Ride. She is Ride’s founder, CEO and ..well, my boss. Graduated from Wharton Business School, she left her job in finance to pursue what her heart longs for- riding a bike that goes nowhere, in a room, under a disco ball. I am so proud to be working for her, but more proud to have her as my mentor. Please do talk to her for like 1 minute when you’re at Ride, you’ll understand right away why she is goals. (And don’t be surprised if you also end up applying for work at Ride after that conversation! Ha.)

Vanessa Budihardja

Nike+ Training Club Trainer. Empire Fit Club Coach. Ride Instructor. Entrepreneur at puravidajkt. Don’t be fooled by her petite figure and the constant smile on her face. Vanessa is one of Jakarta’s most sought trainers. I don’t think I’ve ever asked her why she named her Instagram handle chillibean. But I’m pretty sure it has to do with her being petite and that she is spicy, just like the WODs she gives to us at Empire Fit Club . I love her energy most! You just can’t help but smile whenever she’s around!

Catherine Halim

Ok I swear I’m not trying to promote everyone working at Ride but it just so happens I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by driven and creative women at all times. Cath currently works as our Marketing Head at Ride. She also helps, unfashionable me, pick outfits for weddings. I’d let her dress me any day as she is one of the most established fashionista of today. She also has her own blog, so check her out here! She must be one of the busiest woman I’ve ever met. But whenever she’s next to you, she is present with a smile or she’s cracking a joke. I’m always so excited to see what she’s going to do next, what a fine gal she truly is! (And yes I rave about her like, all the time.)

Nothing in this world I admire more than women who pave their own way,
women who laugh and cry unapologetically
women who are busy
women who are strong
women who are intelligent in their own ways
women who care for others
women who lift other women up,

Thank you for being a source of inspiration for many around you.

Written by Clarine
Cover Photo by Kelvin Wiriadinata
Content Photos from Instagram