What’s In Chydie’s Gym Bag?

I’ve been wanting to share this for quite some time! I love to know what people have in their gym bags to optimize their training. So, I thought I’d share what I usually have in mine!

As you can see from the main photo, I have my small hanging toiletry bag, shoes, small resistance band, jump rope, protein powder, protein shake bottle, and water bottle. Let’s break it down! I’ve had my toiletry bag for a very long time and I totally recommend buying Eiger because it’s super affordable and durable. I got my resistance band from TTCZ and I don’t recommend this at all because it is very thin. It’s hard to find good resistance band in Jakarta so I’m using this temporarily until I get a good one. As for the jump rope, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Swift jump rope from Kettler. It’s so light weight, which is awesome to bring when I go traveling. I want to change my protein shake bottle to the one that has a detachable compartment for the powder. It would save space and I won’t have to use that pink tupperware (fyi, I do not like pink). Just waiting for the current bottle to break before I can buy a new one.

Deodorant, coconut oil for make up remover & moisturizer, hair elastic, shaver, shampoo & body wash

I don’t actually use my toiletries that often because I rarely shower after working out. That’s because I usually train after work and I just wanna go home, shower then, and wear my pajamas afterwards. Actually, there’s another reason. So, I have really-thin-eyebrows. I’m a third Chinese, and sadly, we’re unfortunate in the eyebrow department. *sigh* And you know that small bit of going from the shower to the car? Yeah, I would never be caught dead not having eyebrows — even just for a little bit! Fine. Call me insecure. Whatever. I know I can just not wash my face at the gym and wash it later at home but I feel like that’s just too much work. LOL.

Anywaysss, what’s in your gym bag? Do share in the comment section down below!

Written by Chydie
Photos by Chydie